At Reini Goldmiths and Jewelers, we bring together Scandinavian and American Contemporary and Classic fine jewelry design.

Marleena Kissell (maiden name Reini)

Marleena Kissell (maiden name Reini)

Owner / Master Goldsmith / Jeweler


A native of Finland, Marleena Reini attended the prestigious Salpaus College of Arts & Crafts in Lahti, Finland. The school maintains its notoriety for goldsmith and art design through its rigorous curriculum and by limiting entry to only 15 of the most promising students. Marleena excelled in this exceptionally creative environment and benefitted from an unyielding state-of-the-art education in the field of jewelry design and production. After four lengthy years, Marleena’s imaginative talents, combined with her pursuit of excellence, graduated her at the top of her class.

Marleena’s quest for quality and distinction led her to complete four additional apprenticeships with the aim of enhancing her schooled skills in the art and engineering of jewelry design and production. Working intensely and alongside masters in the field, Marleena both widened and deepened her specialization in the craft. Marleena’s fourth and last apprenticeship brought her to State College, Pennsylvania, whereupon she made unexpected and lasting professional relationships while integrating into the local community.

Following her practicum in the field, Kello-Ja Kulta Jokinen, a family-owned jewelry company with multiple locations throughout Salo, Finland, offered her an envious position and, for six years, Marleena excelled as their Goldsmith.

Marleena then relocated to Pennsylvania in 2010, after accepting the position of premier Goldsmith at an established jewelry company in downtown State College. Marleena enjoyed working with the State College clientele, helping them with selections, settings, repair needs, and custom designs. In 2015, opportunity knocked again and Marleena co-founded a very successful jewelry boutique in downtown State College. Marleena’s time in this partnership allowed her to expand her creative design talents and focus her passion for crafting sentimental custom pieces and restoring and updating heirloom jewelry.

In 2019 Marleena became the sole proprietor of Reini Goldsmiths & Jewelers in downtown State College, where she continues to foster her client relationships. Marleena is heart-driven, and strives to understand the sentimental meaning and personal desires behind every client’s selection. She is particularly adept at helping clients through the custom design process. Marleena is often given total control of the execution of a special design or heirloom restoration, and astonishes her clients with the most unexpected and creative finishes. Her unwavering goals are always quality, value, and client happiness.

Marleena is now fully integrated in, and enjoys, the State College community. She is dedicated to her friendships, her family, and derives energy and passion from her design work.